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The Importance of Punctuality

line The Importance of Punctuality

The New Year begins at exactly midnight on January 1st, not a minute later.  As we welcome the New Year with punctuality, we strive to achieve our New Years resolutions.  And here is a simple one: be mindful of both your own punctuality as well as your children’s.

Most of us have been late to an appointment or meeting, but what are the implications of such an action? Those waiting for you may come to the conclusion that you are irresponsible and lack basic personal management skills.  For many people this is not the case, but it stresses the importance of being on time and well prepared. As adults we understand this concept, which begs the question: how can we pass this understanding on to our children?

As a child, it is hard to grasp the importance of punctuality, so as a parent there are a few easy steps you can follow to teach your child this skill.  Remember that children look up to their parents so set an example, not just verbally but through actions a well. Keep in mind that actions speak louder than words so don’t instruct your children one way and then act in a contradicting manner.

Explain to your child that being on time makes others think more highly of you.  If your child is constantly late, teach them little tricks such as setting the clock a few minutes fast. Explain to them that the amount of time they arrive behind schedule is irrelevant and make sure to emphasize being early is better than being late.

Being on time with all the needed material is a habit that children can form with the right persistence from their parents.  As you welcome this New Year on time, continue the habit by being punctual throughout the entire year.