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Support and Encouragement

line Support and Encouragement

The art of generosity and giving congratulations to others is a valuable life lesson to teach your children, especially as the weather begins to get warmer and children start to participate in more outdoor competitive sports and activities.

It can be especially difficult for your child to congratulate a friend on an accomplishment such as making a sports’ team, when they didn’t make it themselves. Encourage your child to put their own feelings aside for a moment and support a friend who has excelled. Do however listen to your child’s disappointments and doubts, and take them seriously. Let your child know that their feelings are important while stressing the importance of being gracious to others.

Remember that the activity is about the child, not you. Don’t let your ego or worry about the outcome of the activity effect your child’s enjoyment and performance. Set a good example by giving praise and encouragement to other children as well as your own, and never ridicule a child for making a mistake or performing poorly.

The best way to teach a child is by setting a good example. What they see you do has a huge impact on how they will act themselves. Act the way you would want your child to act, and treat your friends and peers the way you would like your child to treat theirs. Most importantly, inspire your child to live by this philosophy: “Whatever you give in life comes back to you three-times.” When you make other people’s feelings as important as your own, you open yourself up to great returns.